A former carpenter’s shop becomes a rubbish dump

A former carpenter’s shop becomes a rubbish dump

A closed carpenter’s shop in Bogaczewo near Elbląg was invaded by trucks with waste from abroad. This rigmarole was interrupted when the police and the prosecutor’s office became interested. The investigation continues. In the nationwide media in recent months, the problem of illegal landfills, which are imported to our country from abroad, is often discussed. The case is serious, because it threatens to contaminate the environment, especially since such illegal landfills often are set on fire. The investigation concerns bringing seven trucks to the country from abroad with waste weighing about 150 tons. We have also secured some of the containers at the port terminal – informs the district prosecutor Jarosław Żelazek. – We have not brought charges against anyone yet. We are waiting for the opinion of experts who are to determine exactly the composition of this waste. We should receive it within a few weeks, then we will take further steps in this matter. When the police and prosecutor’s office became interested, the proceedings were interrupted. Administrative proceedings were also initiated by the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection. Illegal storage of waste hazardous for health and the environment is subject to penalty by imprisonment for 3 months to 5 years. The more severe penalty threatens illegal import of waste from abroad – from 6 months to even 8 years.

November 07, 2018

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