Prizes for good waste segregation

Prizes for good waste segregation

The Incentive System of Waste Management started to operate in Wieluń. Wastesegregation machines were set up in the city, and the residents using them for the best results will receive prizes. The creation of the Incentive Waste Management System was possible due to the city’s participation in the circular economy program, which was organized by the Ministry of the Environment. Under the program, 5 municipalities will receive a total of PLN 45 million for the promotion and implementation of circular economy rules.

The EcoTech system records the throwing of waste into a sorting machine, so-called reverse-vending machine (RVM). In exchange for waste, RVM assigns points to the residents on the smart card and in the mobile application. For the best results in the collection of waste, program participants receive prizes and secondary raw materials go to the recycling industry.

The system operating in Wieluń is based entirely on Polish engineering thought and uses two elements: an IT system (EcoTech System platform from Kraków) and prototypes of segregation machines. The machines now accept only PET bottles and aluminum cans.

Apart from Wieluń, the commune of Krasnobród, Łukowica, Sokoły and Tuczno take part in this pilot program.

16 July 2018

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